• “We love the Co-op! It is a wonderful family atmosphere that my children and I loved. The teachers were always great, loving and caring. My oldest child is now in college (third year) and my youngest is now in first grade. I would NEVER have considered another school and would recommend it to all!”
    ~ M.P.

  • “We were new to the area and wanted to find a school where we could get involved and get to know other families with similar interests. Both our children have loved their experience at the Co- op – in fact they are sad on days they do not have school! Our children, as well as us as parents, have developed many special friendships through the school. It’s a special place!”
    ~ K.R.

  • “The first time we stepped foot into the Co-op, we knew it was a perfect fit for our family. The teachers are spectacular and recognize the needs of each individual child. The Co-op offers a warm and caring environment for our son that also allows us to actively participate in his education.”
    ~ C.H.

  • “Parent involvement in the classroom was my initial attraction to the Co-op. Being able to observe my child interact with children in a controlled environment where there were other “authority figures” present was equally important. I was curious about his day and how he would play with others. The Co-op allowed me the unique experience of being present in my child’s changing world. The teachers were also a reason why I chose the Co-op. They made me feel extremely comfortable in my decision to choose the Co-op and equally comfortable with their calming demeanor and I knew it was a place my child could take his first steps to independence.”
    ~ J.B.

  • “Having the ability to experience preschool with my children was what attracted me to the Co-op. Knowing that they were in a nurturing, stimulating, friendly and safe environment is what kept us coming back. The knowledge and skill of the teachers and assistants are exceptional!”
    ~ J.D.

  • “As the parent of a child with a SEVERE peanut allergy, I first chose the Co-op primarily because of their peanut free status. The entire staff is well versed in how to deal with peanut allergic children, and the environment could not have been more inclusive, warm, and welcoming. The director and teachers put my anxieties at ease immediately, and proceeded in a way that was thorough, conscientious and competent. The Co-op provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to take an active role in their child’s early education. It was such a treat to be welcomed into the classroom – for my children and for me! The sense of community within the school is quite remarkable. I enjoyed the opportunities to volunteer outside the classroom as well through serving on the Board of Directors. I cannot say enough about the teachers. Through the help of their teachers, my children developed social skills, problem solving skills, and a LOVE of learning. In the 2’s and 3’s programs especially, non-directive playtime was a large part of the learning process. As a clinical psychologist, I understand that this approach to learning is one in which the child feels safe, understood, and validated, and begins to gain confidence. This is evident in the children at the Co-op. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful school. I miss it!”
    ~ Y.H.

  • “We moved to Madison in 2011 and didn’t know anyone in the town. The class participation aspect of the Madison Co-op really appealed to me. It’s not really about wanting to know what the curriculum or academics are for me. It’s more about meeting my child’s classmates and friends, and having them meet me. It’s also fun to be able to talk to your child about familiar things in the classroom when they are telling you what went on at school. There is a real sense of community about the Co-op, which I love. Three years later, some of our best friends in Madison are people we have Co-op history with. This has lasted into elementary school, and lingers for the adults and children even though the older children now attend different schools. I can’t speak highly enough of the 2’s and 3’s Head Teacher, Miss Susan. She has a wonderful way with the children that respects their point of view, and asks for their input. I have seen her converse with them on their level in a way that makes a marvelous change from the standard, more authoritarian approach. She is firm and reasonable with all the children, and seems to be able to reach them even in difficult situations. The music teacher, Mrs. Keane, has a wonderful gift and contagious enthusiasm for music that 2 of my 3 children have caught. Lastly, the fact that the Co-op is a parent-run school ensures that the focus stays firmly on what’s best for the children.”
    ~ F.M.

  • “After touring the Co-op and speaking with several Co-op families, I knew it was the place for my son. I wanted a play-based program that had high parental involvement. I also found the staff and school environment to be extremely nurturing. I immediately got a sense that the staff LOVE their jobs and that is the environment that I wanted my son’s first educational experience to be in.”
    ~ A.S.